Can’t be tamed

Height: 1,63 cm
Shoe size: 38
Do you smoke? Nope
Do you drink? Nopee
Do you take drugs? Nopeee
Age you get mistaken for? Few years older
Any tattoos? Noope
Want any tattoos? Not that I know of yet
Any piercings? Ears
Want any piercings? Belly
Best friend? Mahomi
Relationship status: Single
Biggest turn-on? Eyes
Biggest turn-offs? Unaturality (is that even a word?) Means that I don’t really like anything that you actually can SEE is fake. Like fake lenses, too much make-up, etc..
Favorite movie? Hard onneeee. Perhaps.. Shutter island. Or Sixth sense. Or Dear John.
I’ll love you if: You give me hjärtchips :3
Someone you miss: Grandma/grandpa
Most traumatic experience? Can’t seem to recall. Grandma/grandpa’s death perhaps
A fact about your personality: I very easily forgive..
What I hate most about myself: My sense of clumsyness and my not willing-to-train-ability. And that I easily give up.
What I like most about myself: I’m a good listener
My relationship with my parents: Good
My relationship with my sibling(s): Okey, I guess.. Am not really seeing him or my parents as much as I should
Description of the girl/boy I like: Has the most gorgeous eyes.
Description of the person I dislike the most: Disgusting, haha.
What my last text message said? ”Därför ska du snabbt ta tabletten” (haha, låter som en knarkare men snackade om huvudvärkstabletter..)
What things upset me the most? Too many things to be able to count.
Where I would like to live: London. Spain. Greece. Anywhere warm..
My insecurities: My breasts and belly
Your favorite ice-cream? Piggelin or Ben and Jerrys – half baked
The last thing I ate? My grandma’s pastry with Digestive in the bottom, sliced banana, some sort of cream and daim. Too good to be true.
Virgin? No
Last sexual encounter? –
Celebrity I would love to meet and why? Jaden Smith (duh) because he’s forever awesome.
Describe one of your favorite days: Any day with my best friend is my favorite day.
Five things I love: sneezing, updating apps on my iPhone and also to read excatly vad som uppdateras. I’m totally crazieee about Hjärtchips – give me a påse of these and I’m yours forevigt . I love marsipanrosor. I love being called Ella.


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